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Opinions on Nad T761 + others

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by RobDickinson, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. RobDickinson


    Mar 8, 2001
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    Christchurch , New Zealand
    Been looking to replace my aging amp setup (Kenwood ka3020 stereo + yamy A495 prologic with a pioneer 656a stuck ontop doing DD/DTS duties) yammy centre channel going a bit cracky.

    Not intrested in anything over 5.1, or DPLII (dont do DPL much to make it worth it).

    Speakers are (new)monitor audio silvers on the front and kef coda's rear.

    Was looking for a Rotel rsx-972 for ages, found one advertised for £299, but all sold (they had a hard time selling them).

    Same company has Nad T761 for £199, dunno if they have any left.

    I'd rather buy some outdated (on the HC front) piece of kit that spend same on new kit with gadgets I dont want that skimps on transformer/capacitors etc.

    Any other ideas, anyviews on the NAD ? Heard the T761 had issues(processing power?)
  2. Gatto


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    As regard to connectivity, the rear is quite well specified. This Amp was the Top Dog in NAds Range about 2 Yrs ago, now replaced with the T762. As regards to Audio quality, it sounds quite good in music. The Processing is vey basic, it decodes only DD,DTS,EARS and Prologic (NAD keep it simple).

    Software flexibility is quite limited, for example none of the digital ins can be assigned to a particular input. While basic bass management is well catered for. As regards to the Built in Amps, the Amp section can pump out 5*80 watts, even driving low impedance speaker with Ease reachinh 2 ohms at peak levels. The processor within is a crystal based DSP.

    I think at that price, I would surely buy it if I was in the Process of building a new HC. In the Future, you can easily use the T761 as a Power AMP and connect a Processor to the 5.1 in.

    My experience with NAD is the Following,
    Started with a T750, upgraded to a T751 and now moved on to a T762. The Last upgrade was triggered due to the Limited software and rear connections. The T761 is more well specified than the T751 as regards to connectivity but both internal AMps are quite similar!

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