Opinions on LG, Samsung and Thomson RPTVs - please

so once again i'm back in the hunt. gone of the idea of a tosh due to the convergence issues. so what are your thoughts on these other manufacturors? they all seen to be mid range quality companies.

LG-RE40NZ60RB 40" RPTV. this unit is new i believe, so new infact that the uk lg site doesn't even feature it. the global site does and suggests that it can display 1080i/480i pictures, has 3 scarts, 2 componant, twin tuner, 100hz and HDCP/DVI imput:eek: that's very impressive and i don't even know what that last thing is about.

Samsung SP42W4HBX/PX 42" RPTV. not much info available about this unit either. the sammy website seems unsure whether this tv has componant or not. 100hz seems to be this tv's only big feature.

Thomson 40KW613S 40" RPTV not much info on this either

PLEASE:lease: offer ANY info/advice you might feel is helpful about these tv's/companies, so i can at least make a tentitive decision about where to look.



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I have the Thomson 40KW613 for 4 months now and i'm not
disappointed, picture is crystal clear and colours are very vivid
DVD quality with Phillips642 player excellent, sky signal
very good apart from the odd channels with low bandwith.

I had two correctable issues, after they have been resolved
i can't find any fault.

Firstly you will have to do a service level convergence,
pretty much exactly the same as on the Toshibas.

second thing, there should be a service engineer send out
right after the delivery, to correct the mechanical focus of the
red gun.

I gave my first one back because it had a red tint in the right outer corner, the second one came with the exact same setup
and a slightly less red tint in the right corner.

After adjusting the red gun ( can be done best with a white background picture i.e. ski transmission or one of the UK style channels) picture is near perfection.

I suppose they are very comparable to the Toshibas
the screen is slightly more reflective but i have no problems with that and on the plus you get richer colours and a slightly crisper picture.

The only thing why i wouldn't buy it again is that i would go for a bigger one next time


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just looked in the new sky magazine
they offer a 40KW611 with integrated DVD player and a couple of films for 899
Test of this model in homecinemachoice 12/03 and whatvideo


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I am in the same boat as you are. I have had 2 Toshiba's and they have both been terrible with convergence. I could spend a while converging them but they would not stay converged. Basically I would need to reconverge them every day.

I went into my local currys and they have a Samsung SP43W6HP for £1.099 which comes with a free home cinema speaker set (also samsung) worth £150. This set has an auto convergence mode which I played around with in the shop. I have to say I was very impressed with how fast and accurate it was. Needless to say the convergence was noticably out in the shop. After I ran through the auto convergence the picture was far better.

There is also the ability to set the red and blue settings and this has far more points than the Toshiba sets, or the Thompsons, do which makes manual convergence a lot easier. After running the auto convergence then looking at the manual modes the convergence seemed to be pretty good with only a very small amout of miss alignment.

The Thompson 611 is now an old model and in the manual converegence there is only 3 (yes only 3) crosses with which to converge with and they are in a line from centre left to centre then centre right, needless to say this is near impossible to do especially as the Toshiba seemed to loose it's convergence mostly on the outer parts of the screen and the corners. I tried to converge the Thomson in Powerhouse and I would get the right hand cross converged but the left one would be out and the left one converged but the right one would then be out.

So I think I am going to go for the Samsung.

Anyone have any other opinions?


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well i did the service level convergence (92 grid points)
on my Thomson 613 once and it has never been out since,
might have to do something that i have it on a THomson Stand,
but once it's done unless you don't transport the thing over miles
it will never be out again, or at least it hasn't for over four months


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The thing is though that we don't all feel confident at performing a service level convergence, I certainly know that I don't having looked at it on the Tosh. I have been looking at the different tv's ability to perform a user level convergence and so far the Samsung has been the best by far, infact I would say that they can do nearly as good as a service level convergence.
thanks for the replies, guys. keep them coming.:smashin:

i really want to find out more about the LG as that seems a very well featured set for the price.


I'm also interested in the LG.
What is the pic like?
Menu system?
The remote control looks strange as it doesn't use batteries.
Looking at the picture I think you have to wind it up.

Has anyone seen it?


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I have owned the Re 44sz21rd for a good few moths now. After the Toshiba 42wh36 which had 3 engineers to sort the convergence problems but with no success. I have seen some very good Toshiba sets, but I do not consider that you should have to be an engineer to get the most out of them - which very few of us are or have time to do

The LG DLP is superb - great picture with absolutely no fiddly setup problems. It has component input. 100htz and crisp clean pictues which shows off films to great effect. Some people mention rainbow effects, but in 3 moths I have never seen any. Great set at a great price and looks good too

hope that this helps

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