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What are peoples opinions on this so far?


Good points:
Graphics are excellent
sound is superb
Runs reasonably smooth with settings on high,even on my just above average system.
Easy to pick up and play
Some good battles in the narrow streets

Bad Points:
Seems undecided if it wants to be an arcade shooter or realsitic fps,ie loads of 1 shot kills but people running round like quakers.
A bit deathmatchy,too easy to cap flags,ends up with people just running through maps capping flags in seconds.
Only 4 maps and half of them are way to small,those maps are gonna get really old really quickly,lets hope theres a load of people working on decent custom maps.
Some maps just turn into a sniper fest,making it practically impossible to move without getting shot in the head.

I know some of the bad points I have listed are what makes DOD a nice fast paced, action packed game but it just doesnt seem right,maybe some nice big maps will improve things.Perhaps that its just that Ive got used ot other games so need to adjust......

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It might just be the servers I have been playing on but I am finding each game a good challenge meaning, getting the middle flag and keeping it is a constant battle with each side trying to hold the other at bay but at the same time try and advance, have seen some great tactical movements, personally I just choose a big gun and run in head first lol

Also, you will always have someone with a sniper rifle stacking out the best places but then the same would happen in a real war, same goes for the machine gunners, they find a good spot and set up there providing covering fire, sure its annoying when you are picked off from the other side of the map or are run down my the machine gunner but it just means you think carefully about your tactics and routes.


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Its a good effort from valve, and its basicaly a free game for those who bought HL2 from steam.

So you cant really complain. The new lighting effects (HRD?) is really nice and everything looks good, but the character models could use more details, close up the weapons and players hands dont look all that nice. After playing the new COD2 demo i cant help but compare things. For example the smoke effect in COD 2 is really good.

In my over all opinion, If its a choice between say DODS and BF2, ill go for BF2 any day. COD2 we will have to wait and see.

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