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Jim Bailey

Could any one give me some opinions of the latest JVC DVD recorders? I have a player which is about 5 years old and from day one never played copied disks with any reliability although it was fine with original discs. Does anyone know if the latest generation JVC equipment is still weak in this area? If it is, does any other manufacturer make equipment which is strong in this area. The reason that I would prefer JVC is that the surround sound is JVC and I should be able to keep original remote and still control everything (or so I am lead to believe).


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I have the JVC 3-in-1 combo DR-MX1, a few years old, and it's been brilliant - has HD, and plays and converts VHS tapes with great quality, as well as, of course, recording to DVD.
When you say, "copied discs", into what format was it copied, DVD-R or DVD+R?
Five years ago, a lot of machines played/recorded one or the other, but not both, so that the "reliability" may have something to do with that.
If you are thinking that you can use one remote for both surround sound and your recorder, forget it. This is not the same as using a combo remote for Sky and your TV. So don't let that be a factor in your decision. The two brands to look at are JVC and Sony - period.
However, we're just on the brink of HD TV, and blu-ray and HDDV. You might like to think ahead to your needs in 6 months to a year, and whether you should consider the extra expense now of one of those, to meet those future needs.
Very interested to hear what you decide, or discuss further.

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