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Are they any good? I have heard and read both good and bad thing about them.
Empire were great for me. My Samsung LCD was delivered exactly on time and they were very good about me returning it. I'd definitely use them again.


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I ordered a 36" Sony CRT from them in 2002. Bearing in mind that the TV I ordered was about 90kg! the delivery driver from City Link advised on delivery that "the goods are uninsured from the moment they leave the van" meaning they are uninsured should the goods be dropped after leaving the van until it is inside your front door. This kind of notification I would expect to be informed of at point of sale by Empire, not by a courier!!. I suspect that if Empire informed its customers at that time, customers may feel apprehensive.

TV`s have come a long way since then. Obviously LCD`s that we going for today are only miniscule to the weight of my order back then - but a detail worthy of anyones attention.

I`v have got no reason to fault Empire other than this, but it`s something I have never forgotten.

Regards, Mark.


I ordered a TV in 2003 and wasted 2 days off work waiting for delivery. They promised it on consecutive days and then around 3pm on the day after many calls it didn't turn up. Took ages for them to reimburse me the delivery charge. Wouldn't use them agian.


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I found them knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant. They had my 9986 in stock and it was at a very competitive price. The TV was then delivered bang on time.

First Class.



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From what I have seen of their website they don't actually have anything to sell. If you look at what they claim to sell everything appears to be "Due Soon". On that basis I could advertise things cheap i.e. it won't matter as I will never actually be selling anything - waste of space if you ask me.


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They were good for me when I bought my Sony V. They reduced the price while mine was awaiting delivery. I phoned them and they refunded the difference with no argument.

What can I say :thumbsup:

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Bought from them twice(32"" crt and Samsung 32"" lcd more recently)and both items were delivered on the specified day,with no damage.The Samsung came two days after I placed the order!On my experience,I can't fault them.


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Just look on their website at present though and you can see how little stock they have of everything in the LCD and Plasma ranges.


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Empire Direct sent me my JVC 32ds6 spot on 48 hours after the order, in excellent condition. Friendly service.
Curiously, their price on the comparison sites may be different than if you go directly to their website -- perhaps this is true of the other online vendors?

Also, the price seen on both online and high street dealers dropped by roughly 20% in a period of a few weeks. I bought the TV about midway (alas). If I had waited another week, I might have saved several percent. In hindsight, the first warning sign that the manufacturer was about to drop the price was seeing that ED was saying "due soon" and also was several percent less than the competition.


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I had a Panasonic TH42PV500 on order with Empire Direct from 18th July (at which time they took the money for the order) that was delivered last Thursday (6th October) :eek: .

I spoke to them on numerous occasions and each time was given a new expected delivery date which came and went with no TV. So - no TV, no money and empty promises.....

..... However! In their defence, I think everybody was having difficulty with delivery on these units due to their popularity and I couldn't get any more info out of Panasonic than I could out of Empire. I think it was a case of the blind leading the blind and not really Empire's fault.

When the set arrived in stock, delivery was faultless. I was advised on Monday of an early morning delivery for Thursday and it arrived at 10:00 AM. The delivery guys brought the set in to the house, then removed all packaging to check the set. Even let me switch it on to check the display. That, plus the fact that I paid the lowest price I've seen anywhere negates the fact that I waited so long. Plus the fact the set is fantastic. Much better than I remembered from demos. So a :thumbsdow to start, but a definite :smashin: in the end.
Acrmorris, that's absolutely shocking. Any company that tries that with me would get an order cancellation after a week or so of messing me around.


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Ordered my Sony V 40, and even with the limited early stock, got my TV as advised 7 days later. No problems at all, excellent service and a fantastic price.


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Lyris, normally I wouldn't stand for that kind of service, but I couldn't find the set anywhere on the net or on the high street. Even Panasonic couldn't get their act together on delivery dates. The only thing stopping me cancelling was the price - £2,006 plus wall bracket. Empire actually increased the price while they were still waiting delivery to over £2,200. I'd rather have had the money in my account, but the interest I earned wouldn't have been as high as the money I saved if you see what I mean. Anyway, I can forget the past now to some extent because I am very very happy with the 42pv500. The thing that annoyed me most was the promises of next week... next week... next week... etc, etc, etc..

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