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Sony HT-K25

Anyone got or heard this set up? Seen any reviews?

I don't want a massive amp and speakers - just something to bring films and TV to life. This does PL2 and DD/DTS with a modest 5

Looked at the sony HT-BE1 but thought them too small!

Also considered a Pioneer VSX-C300S (£99) amp but no PL2.
The C100 does PL2 but for £160 without speakers - add an Eltax Stargate and would it be better than the Sony?

I know a proper amp would do a better job but I got about £250!


I know of someone who has the HTK-215 and he is pretty pleased with it. I think its 1 model down from the HTK-25.

I have no idea how good the Eltax Stargate sub/sat speaker package is, but the sat speakers look a little small, no?

What about something like the Eltax Cinemax 5.1?:

Again i have no idea how good they are, can't find any reveiws.


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Thanks. The Eltax look OK, but would like to know what others thought about them. Would the Pionner VSX-C300S drive these OK? It's only a £99 amp.

At the end of the day would the sound beat the Sony all in one solution (HT-K25)?

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