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Hi Guys,

Fronts - RP 500M & RP800F (Spare RP-5000F)
Rears - 4 X R-14M
ATmos - RP500 SA
Centre - RP-504C

Receiver - SC-LX704 (9.1)

Change :
replacing Rears of 4X-14M to RP-500F & RP500M

Just want your opinion on something.

I got excited and bought two many speakers and not realising my receiver doesn't support 11.1. I am thinking about replacing the 4 X R-14M speakers with my RP-5000Fs speakers as back speakers and using the RP500 as the sides.

Will there be much of advantage if i did this change and quality of sound?

I do like having 4 front speakers at the front, but my receiver doesn't allow me to use back souround if i use this set up.

What do you think?
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