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If you like what you hear, then it seems the decision is made. If have Wharfedale and I think they are fantastic for music, but I find voice a bit recessed for movies. Still, I'm very satisfied for the money I paid, which wasn't actually very much, about 1/3rd the standard Retail price.

The Polk TSX is a new midrange series replacing the older TSi series.

If you are restrained on space or on budget, I would expect the TSX-440 to do a pretty good job, especially since you have heard them and liked what you heard.

TSx440T - Floorstanding | Polk Audio®

3x 6.5" Mid/Woofers with bass response down to 43hz at -3dB, and 33hz at (assumed) -6dB. In a Home Cinema system, that should be very good for both movies and music. From what I've heard the Polk are a bit brighter and that should give a bit more presence to dialog in movies.

Probably overkill, but the TSX-550 is a Big Beautiful speakers, and I would dearly love to have a pair, I just don't have the money -

TSx550T - Floorstanding | Polk Audio®

2x 8" Low-Bass, 2x 5.25" Mid-Bass, with bass response down to 36hz at -3dB and 26hz at an assumed -6dB. Also about 50% more expensive. Great for music, but perhaps a bit of overkill for a Home Theater system.

If you want speakers with more presence in the Mid and voice range, consider perhaps Klipsch. The horn tweeters make a big difference. I don't know the local price of the Polk, but the Klipsch RF-62II are about £800/pr.

I think ultimately you have to let your ears and you wallet be your guide. If possible, see if the dealer will give you a home trial to make sure the speakers are OK in your room.

I'm curious, since Polk Audio is very rare in the UK, can you tell is if you are indeed in the UK, and if not, then where are you?

Sorry I couldn't be more help.



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I am from israel.
I realy found the polk audio speakers more warm and deeper from the wharfedale.
my use is 95% for movies.
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