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took delivery of a 2nd hand Paradigm sub today...now..i could do with a sub to deal with the real lows of my system (see link in sig) so I thought i'd see what I could do to the Paradigm.
First off with everything as stock there is enough clout there...the 80w amplifier seems powerful enough but there is a huge peak- i think the drive unit maybe has a high resonance frequency- not as smooth as i would ideally like. It also gives off that mobile retuning signal whenever my Three mobile is even 6ft away! Its ridiculous!
Ok, so look inside.
Picture of the inside of the sub. it seems fairly well constructed- sides are glued and cabinet is chipboard rather than stronger MDF. There isn't any bracing- i'll think about putting some in. There was some thin wadding inside that isn't in any of the pics btw.
The amplifier module looks well constructed- i don't know much about these plate amps so heres a pic ;)

The wiring to the actual drive unit was appallingly thin and only terminated with spades. It looked around 13strand max.

There is some Black Rhodium T200 in there now as per pic.

The speaker itself as you can see is a very cheap affair- foam surround, paper cone, pressed steel chassis and quite a small magnet. Impedance of the speaker is 4 ohms so a replacement should be easy to source.


So...suggestions on fairly cheap drive units to really bring up the level of this sub? I do feel theres a bit of potential in it!

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