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Operating Noise - looking for a quiet projector


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Operating Noise
I'm looking for HD ready projector – but – although picture quality is important – so is the noise of the fan
The PJ will be ceiling mounted in a converted attic – 2m high – and then 1-2 m behind where we will be sitting
My previous PJ – Toshiba MT200 had a stated operating noise of 32dB in eco mode – which felt noisy enough – I'm after something hopefully substantially better. Are LCD in anyway quieter than DLP – or – not that simple. Any reviews that highlight noise?
Budget of say £750 – but happy to spend less – advice appreciated

Mad Monk

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Check out www.projectorreviews.com and www.projectorcentral.com

My PJ is 32db in high lamp mode and for me it is too noisy.

From what I have read Mitsibishi PJs are meant to be very quiet. I've only ever seen a HC5000 and it was whisper quiet.

Oh and welcome to the forums


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LCD pj's don't have colour wheels to deal with so on a £ vs £ basis are usauly quieter than DLPs, although a higher end DLP model will generaly be in a better box that'll make it quieter.

I have a yamaha dpx-830 and its pretty quiet, and a world away from my infocus X1, which probably had a volume and pitch very similar. The cheaper optoma DLPs seem to be noisey and ingeneral infocus models are pretty noisey, I guess its one of those things if you get a demo you should be able to tell strait away if you could live with it or not.


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Thanks for the info - I have in mind the Panasonic AX200E - although a reconditioned Infocus IN78 from their ebay shop caught my eye from a price & picture performance point of view - but - was concerned about the noise level of the infocus (30dB - although that figure took some finding!)


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All the PJs I haved owned it the past that ran very quietly have all suffered from various heat issues. So it's worth doing some research on that front if you do find something that meets your noise level requirements.


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Well my AX100 runs at 28db and sits about 2 metres directly over my head and I must say the noise has NEVER been intrusive. In fact one of the reasons I got the AX100 (along with the stellar reviews) was because of its low noise levels. I think the "pitch" made from some PJs is higher than others so I can only surmise than the Panny has a low pitch especially when used in eco mode. I've also never had any problems with "heat issues".


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I'm pretty much in the same boat as the OP and at the moment am looking for a good S/H Optoma (Themescene) H79. The quietest I've heard on demo are the £2k Panasonic 2000 and the Mitsu HC6000 but these are way over my (and his) budget range.


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What is too noisy is a very subjective thing.

Our personal experience is that our Panasonic AE-900U in econo mode (only mode we ever use) is so quiet that we can't hear it at all. Our heads/ears are less than 2 meters from the projector.

I don't know from DBs which should be measured in each HT room as room characteristics will affect how sound is heard.

All we know is this PJ is quiet and reliable.


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I'm in the same boat here - looking at a Sharp DT-510 DLP unit which is rated at 33db and 29bd in whisper/eco mode. Some say it is tolerable others say it is loud, but I cant find one to demo.

Sounds like you have to hit the 25db range in normal operations before the general consensus is that noise is not an issue?


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Has anyone made a purchase? Am in the same boat, looking for a quiet projector with a decent picture for around £750?


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Not yet – currently thinking The Sanyo Z5 – £625 – seems to be as quiet as they go – with a decent picture – although numbers are dwindling
The sony aw15 – following on from the aw10 which richersounds were doing. This seems quiet too – but – it seems to get virtually no press
The planar PD7010 - £499 – seems to have excellent picture – but unsure about volume
The Panasonic AX200E – which is quiet – but – the reviews seem mixed – folk seem to either like or dislike it
Anyway – thought I’d give it a few more weeks when I’m back from hols – and see what affect the 1080P pressure has on the HD ready stock – and then leap for something
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the Z5 i had was very quiet ... you had to strain your ears to hear anything, same goes for the HD75 i have now .... in the words of my dear old nan "i cant hear a dicky bird" :)


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Hi All

I remember the Z4 being very quite and was about the same as the ptax100. If really want a quite projector the quietest one I've heard for a while is the PTAE2000. It's really is heard to hear.

Regards. Shane

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