Opera 9.5 alpha - it gets better all the time!


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The 9.5 alpha is available to download from here now and it seems to get better all the time.

I've always been an Opera fan and it is my default browser of choice, the new version seems faster and has added extra functionality to its p2p client and zoom. Here's ars technica's thoughts on the alpha.

Overall, the new Opera raises the bar yet again for web surfing, and it remains my browser of choice. While many will still prefer Firefox for its plethora of third-party extensions, Opera remains a light and fast browser that still manages to cram in more features than clowns in a Volkswagen and is just as much fun to use.


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I have tried the latest stable release for Opera

Yes it is faster than FF (though Safari beta still wins out!). Yes it is nice. But I like my FF extensions too much!

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