OpenVPN / VM Hitron router / port forwarding issues


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Hi guys,

Having a few issues with my network... Well, VM's Hitron router they now use on business lines...
Had an email about christmas time saying that they would no longer support the superhub we had before. ( think was a 2 or 2AC or something , may even have been the 3 lol... ) So decided to upgrade to the new router.

Now regretting it! Have nothing but speed issues and the wireless is pee poor!

Problem I have now is with port forwarding / firewall.

Trying to setup openvpn server on my Synology dsm machine and cannot connect at all.

Running open port checks, appears that the ports I have told the hitron router to open are just not open thus not letting traffic through to the synology. i have ran several online port checkers and all say the wan has no open ports...... - We should have static IP with our service so been testing that WAN ip.

Whatever Ive tried - different ports etc seem to make no difference what so ever even though the vm router says they are open but im not so sure its behaving as it should....

I had it setup before on a raspberry pi under ddns service as previous vm package was dynamic ip and older router which was dead easy to set....... This one, im wanting to throw it regularly!
Anyone got other suggestions - short of scrapping the vm box to modem mode and using a new router???? :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm::facepalm:

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