Opening Mordaunt Short Avant Cabinet



Does somebody know how to open the cabinet of the MS Avant 906/904 speaker series?

I know the Declerations series has a removeable rear panel.
But the Avant series seems to have no option to open the speaker.

I would like to take al look inside and maybe replace the internal wiring.
My suggestion is "don't" as I don't think it will make any difference and you are likely to experience problems in some shape or form. The cabinet comes apart from the front however the apertures the grill fits in contain allen bolts. Needless to say, your warranty will expire in a puff of smoke the moment that panel comes out.
You're completly right about the warranty etc, it's not a good idea to demolish a couple of exccelent speakers.

It's was just a questuin which came to my mind when i read a post on an other forum about a B&W 602 Speaker. The B&W was dropped of the speakerstand and the woofer became defect during the crash. The topicstarter had the ability to open the speaker and replace the woofer by himself which was cheaper because there was no warranty anymore on that speaker.

After that posting I looked at my Mordaunts, what to do in case it should happen to me (in a couple of weeks I'll start to move out to a new home, and I hope everybody handles the speakers as gently as I do).

I couldn't find any way to open the speaker, so I was currious if I overlooked something. I know the Decleration series had a removable rear panel, something the Avant's don't have.
And when i removed the 6 allen bolt where the front fits in, the alu panel stays "hanging" on the speaker, like it's glued.
Once you have removed the bolts the panel is held in with double-sided tape and needs to be prised off.

However i really wouldn't bother as the panel invariably gets bent in at least one place and then looks a bit naff when you put it all back together!

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