OpenHTPC Beta 1 released



OpenHTPC is an open source Home Theater PC front end software. It's published under GPL. Now it's in Beta stage and is still under active development. Although not all features are implemented, it's very very stable now.
You can check it out at:


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Hmm, looks kinda cool :)

Might give it a go tomorrow.



I'll be trying that... looks prettier than Showshifter anyway!


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How do I exit the program? I only seem to be able to end task or hibernate. Also, does it support the mouse? I don't see a mouse pointer.


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If I specify that my movies are in c:\movies, selecting the "movies" shows me a folder called "movies", which I have to select, before I get my movie list. What I am saying is, when there is only one location for movies, it should show you the list of movies, and not the location name - otherwise it is two clicks to access my movies.

It would be nice if the xml config file was formatted in a way that could edited in notepad easily, instead of just one long line (pretty-print format).

The config utility doesn't seem to allow you to change the "name" attribute. For me it always says "DVD Drive", regardless what I enter as the name. And so I have to edit the xml by hand instead.

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