OpenELEC XBMC setup on Zotac ND02, infra red problems


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Hi all,

I took the plunge and went for a Zotac ND02 box, 2x 2GB Corsair RAM and SSD drive. I've got it all set up and successfully configured the following:

  • OpenELEC splash screen
  • 24p playback
  • HDMI menu sounds
However, I cannot sort out IR control. I bought a cheap "PC Remote Controller" (unbranded) from Amazon thinking I could just use the IR receiver from this with my Pronto TSU9400 remote control.

I want as much control over XBMC via the remote as possible and understand how to edit the keymap.xml file to map OBC to functions in XBMC. I have imported all 256 possible IR codes from this link: Pronto Universal Remote Hex Codes - XBMC into my Pronto and mapped the codes to buttons to test. Not a single one works!

The cheap remote that the IR receiver came bundled with works with XBMC but functions are often repeated when a button is only pressed once. This means the IR receiver is definitely working... I just can't figure out why XBMC can't see it's own built-in codes but can react to generic ones!

I've tried turning on the display remote codes option in advancedsettings.xml but this doesn't seem to do anything for either remote.

I've also tried using XBMC Live Dharma 10.1 instead of OpenELEC but I get the same result.

What am I doing wrong?!

EDIT: I've tried the same keymap.xml on my XBox version of XBMC and the IR codes DO work, so I know the Pronto is sending the right codes. It seems OpenELEC XBMC on my Zotac is also working because it will receive remote signals from the cheap and nasty remote control. I'm guessing these codes are on a different frequency (IR5? IR6?) and the receiver isn't able to accept the codes transmitted from my Pronto. I think I will have to buy another IR receiver - any recommendations?

EDIT 2: I'm thinking... get rid of the generic IR receiver and try one from a proper brand, like HP. Trouble is, I can only seem to find remotes available from China on eBay! Anybody know of a good place to get one from?
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By strange coincidence, I have just bout a remote control which has that exact same IR RC6 receiver.

I've just tried it with my Pronto (using the codes listed on the XBMC site) and a Windows version of XBMC and it didn't work. Obviously the Windows backend is different to Linux and LIRC but I can't understand why XBMC can't understand the codes given to it by my Pronto from XBMC's own website.

To get it working with your Harmony, did you have to learn the codes from another remote or are you using the same ones I am?

What setup are you using? I have:

  • Zotac ZBOX ND02
  • 2x 2GB Corsair DDR3
  • Crucial SSD
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Certainly no expert on this (caveat aside :laugh:) but the Harmony One uses a database that holds all the functions that a particular remote control has. All you do is set your Harmony One up as a device called 'Windows MCE Remote' and the whenever you happen to be performing an activity that (in my case) uses Mediaportal, the Harmony One just sends the IR instructions to the IR Receiver so there is no need to muck about with codes - 'one remote to rule them all and all that'!

If for some reason, the Harmony One doesn't have a command then it can learn it from a remote. I don't have that option for controlling the HTPC though as I only have an IR receiver.

Love the Harmony One - one of my best investments - missus loves it. Press Watch TV and it controls the sky box (Channels, guide, etc.), av receiver (volume) & telly (picture controls). Press launch media portal and it controls the AV Receiver, telly & HTPC (navigate mediaportal).

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