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Opened up my Speakers

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Building DIY' started by PGL, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. PGL


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    Been looking at speaker tweaks on TNT Audio site and decided to open up my Wharfedale Diamond 8.2 speakers. Undid the screws on the main driver but it was quite solid (TNT suggest not forcing if stuck tight). Turned them over and unfastened the binding post housing to take a look inside. A couple of things surprised me.

    1. On the first speaker there are two thinnish wires leading to the tweeter which are soldered to thicker wires leading to the crossover board. Where they join, none of the two wires had been insulated with anything and were millimetres from shorting out my tweeter! Obviously an error as the other had some kind of insulating sleeves over.

    2. There was no foam lining the walls, only white stuffing material inside. Was expecting some kind of lining on some or one of the walls.

    Just to play around a bit I'm considering some or all of the following and would welcome your opinions on any or all.

    a. Put some foam on one wall (which one?) as I've some left over from my sub build.

    b. Add/Remove some stuffing and/or try some of the wool type stuffing instead of polyfill type.

    c. Single brace the middle with broom handle or thick MDF.

    Any experts out there know the effects of any/all of these mods?



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