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Hello I'm new here and would appreciate any help. I have an openbox v9s and i won't lie I've been told with the right settings i might be able to view the sports channels.

In the cam settings menu its asking for a host name, how do i find out what this is to input this?

Or would i be better off with a fire stick with kodi installed?

Thanks in advance.


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I don't think what you are looking for can be found here

i would expect the thread to be locked shortly
Theft of pay TV and discussion of such is not allowed on any respectable forum including this one


Let's be clear about what you want.
As the others say anything illegal is - obviously - not allowed.




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Hi everyone! Question for all you knowledgeable poeple. I've got an openbox v9s and I'm trying to setup IPTV but on the sign up page I need to enter my username which has the @ symbol. Iv'e pressed everything on the remote but I can't seem to bring it up.
Can anyone help me?

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