Open plan living room speakers recommendations

Hi All, I am planning to install speakers for my open plan ling room space please.
The overall room is quite large 5m x 5m living room and 4m x 5m kitchen, but most listening will be done in the living room area. I have attached a rough sketch.

The tricky part is The front speakers and TV have to be wall mounted for aesthetic (wife) reasons.
And there is no place to put the rear speakers, they may have to go in the ceiling. (All glass rear wall with bifold doors) and I am not allowed any visible speakers.

I was thinking of the below setup as a 5.1.2 mostly for movies and casual music.

AVR = Denon AVRX4600h or Arcam AVR20
R+L+C = 3x MA WSS430 (Quite expensive but I do like the ribbon tweeter very much)
4x Ceiling Speakers = 2 Dolby + 2 Rear Surround = 4x MA C180
1x Subwoofer = SVS SB3000

Any advise is much appreciated.


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Yorkshire AV

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The WSS are in-wall speakers (narrow profile). How much mounting depth do you have?

Have you had a look at the Monitor Audio SoundFrame 1’s? Very wife friendly for the LR and the SoundFrame 2 for the centre?

I would also change the 2 x rear C180 to be C380-FX. If budget permits, change the front ATMOS to C380-IDC :)

The SB3000 is a good shout - they do gloss finishes too if you were looking for white to keep it aesthetically pleasing :)
Thanks Yorkshire AV

Great shout on the C380FX. I can get this instead.

Are the sound frame 1, 2 better than the wss430? They seem to have the older tweeter module.

Any other brands recommended like Polk? What would be the best value setup in about 3k range for the speakers please.

Yorkshire AV

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They're a different speaker altogether.
They're a significantly larger cabinet and the IDC module in them works incredibly well.

I wouldn't get too hung up on the ribbon - it's small in the WSS430 and MA are already pretty detailed as they are.

I don't deal with Polk so cannot comment. In our store we have a 16 channel DALI Phantom install setup with the M-375 LCR and H-80 surrounds with E-80 in-ceiling for ATMOS.

It's a warmer, more natural sound which is superb with music but really does provide a stunning, dynamic sound for TV/movies alike.

Your biggest challenge is you rear surround - the C380-FX will work a treat as per your design. It's a shame you can't get a set of bookshelf speakers on stands around the sofa to liven up the rear somewhat which would make something like the DALI easier to setup.
Thank you very much for the guidance. The Dali 375 looks amazing. I wish you guys were closer so I could have a listen.

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