Open letter to the DVD Audio industry.

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Systems & Separates' started by CJROSS, Jan 13, 2003.


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    As a owner of a DVD Video based system I wonder why there has never been a constructive effort to include 2 Channel 24/96 PCM stereo tracks on DVD Audio discs, this would offer the many DVD Video owning public access via there own DACs to high quality stereo mixes. And it would make the DVD Audio discs available to a much wider audience, thereby increasing DVD Audios grip on the market over SACD. Seems to be a huge audience all ready to go AFAICT.

    Surely the main crux of how the DVD Audio industry is advancing, is that this music carrier is multichannel (Hence the inclusion of a DD 5.1 mix). This I think is a mistake because they are missing a huge market of DVD Video (2 million units sold in the UK last year how many of those are on the end of full 5.1 rigs?) owners who own no 5.1 surround systems and who currently connect to hifi systems. How available are the 24/192 mixes on DVD Audio material any comments dudes.

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