Onxy Eagle Carving - Can you find any info ?


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Stumbled across an amazing Onxy Carving of an Eagle in a local shop, at what I felt was a silly price given it's quality.

I did a Google Search after buying it, but found nothing. However last night I did find it, or perhaps where it's made?
But just 1 image on the whole internet feels strange.

Quite a substantial item. Approx 10.5" tall and weighs just over 3kg

Here's a few photo's:

As I said, I have just managed to find one single bit of info on this piece on the web:

The top left link: EAGLE ONYX

As you can see, it's the same item, albeit slightly different color seams as it's a natural stone.

It would be nice if anyone could find anything more about it.

Thanks :)


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Similar - not the same......

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Looks exactly the same shape to me.

Maybe contact the company to ask of it's origin?


It seems that company imports these ornaments from Pakistan.
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There are probably thousands of them out there :eek:


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Looking at the close up of the head, it doesn’t look like an Eagle to me. Bit ugly or a poor carving I think.:)


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