Onward 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments

UMAR 3:16

Thanks Cas. Watched this last night with the family! The pic quality was truly stellar! Movie was good too. A decent family watch!
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Thanks again Cas, got this coming tomorrow, one to look forward to by the sound of things.


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I agree Cas. One of the best Pixar films for a long time for me. It resonated far more than Inside Out and Coco. PQ was stunning through the US Disney+ stream.


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Thanks Cas. Love Pixar stuff, & this sounds another one to watch. My rental list is getting longer & longer!


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One of the last films I watched at my local Cinema before lockdown, for me it was one of the weaker Disney/Pixar recent releases.

However, I did enjoy the film, Tom Holland and Chris Pratt worked well to together...! Looked and sounded amazing but I found the story a bit tiresome, couldn't connect to the main character's.

Overall it's a 7/10 for me.


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One of the poorest films from Pixar imo. Didn’t enjoy it at all. ☹ Can’t quite put a finger on why I didn’t like it...didn’t think the storyline was there at all.
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Any confirmation over the bonus disc?


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Took a while to get going, I thought. Although by the end I was on board and I thought then ending was beautifully done. I'm not crying, you're crying.


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Watched this with the family last night, but streaming version. Enjoyed it.....not laugh out loud but a lot of heart.

Thanks for the review, may rent it to see it in 4k


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Not one my kids ask to go back to... But they did sit through it - so I'd probably give it a 7/10. Was very pretty though!


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Typical Disney to cheap out on the HDR and extras. For one of the biggest companies in the world they're certainly one of the most penny-pinching.

I thought the film itself was very average, second tier, compared to some of Pixar/Disneys classics. None of my children or I would be interested in watching it again. I think its an OK rental or something to watch on Disney+ rather than a disk purchase.


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I thought Onward was excellent. There are numerous laugh out loud moments and it really hits home with some of the emotional stuff. I really liked the concept as well

It also looks fantastic

Casimir Harlow

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@Casimir Harlow

Was yours the UK version Cas, if so did it have the bonus disc?
I picked up the US disc, but have the UK as well, and no, despite clearly saying so, it doesn't have a 'bonus disc'. That'll be going back, although Zoom are terrible at returns/complaints/refunds.


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Amazon UK have updated the box art work and no bonus disc for UK 4K, so no sale for me

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