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Only the screen Sony KLV-L32MRX1

Discussion in 'Sony TVs Forum' started by heinemans, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. heinemans


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    I have a Sony KLV-L32mrx1 .

    The screens type number = LDM-3210 the mediabox type number = MTB-MRX1
    Because the poor quality of the mediabox i want only to use the screen.
    Is this possible?

    The screen is connected with the mediabox with a dvi-d connector.

    But it's not working with my computers videocard dvi-d connection.
    Als so there's a nother connector but i don't know where it for.

    The screen seems to "look" if it's connected to the mediabox and shuts off the screen if it's not connected.

    I've it's not possible what is the best way to connect a computer to it?

    Or is there a mediabox (third party or....) with a better picture result or with a dvi input?

    Thanks for your reaction


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