Only Stereo Sound from Denon X1600H


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Bit of background - I have a new (4 months for both), LG 65 BX & Denon X1600H

Medium term my intention is to push a PS5 direct to the eARC on the TV and then back through the receiver.

However, at the moment I have no PS5, so a moot point!

I tested a while ago the receiver with one of the TV HDMI, and it outputted in surround sound no problem (I then took it all down due to redecorating).

I have just put everything back up with the following (unused wiring is due to the difficulty of mounting the TV, so lots of spare cable for future use):

TV USB mini wired in & unused
TV USB micro wired in & unused
TV Optical wired in & unused
TV HDMI1 wired in & unused
TV HDMI2 wired in & unused
TV HDMI3 eARC wired available (ZESKIT MAYA 8K Certified UHS HDMI Cable)
TV HDMI4 wired available (ZESKIT MAYA 8K Certified UHS HDMI Cable)

The only sound I am now able to achieve is TV HDMI3 eARC to HDMI OUT Monitor on the receiver, and it is only ever in stereo.

Nothing has changed since the last set up, only I've lots of unused wires in the TV, and I'm using HDMI 3 & 4 instead of 1 & 2.

TV shows Sound Out = HDMI ARC AVR-X1600H & HDMI 3 = Denon

Have been through speaker set up and all speakers work fine (5.1).

Appreciate anything suggestions, I'm a bit lost here!


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Press and hold green Movie button on the remote and select Mch Stereo for example.

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