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If only able to purchase one game this year what would it be ?

I'm glad to say I'm not in this position but I'm sure a few people out there may be. It would be an interesting dilema to deal with.... Having seen the trailers it would be a choice between two games for me Gears of War and COD 3..

Having played numerous COD games I would go for Gears of War (hoping that it will be out this year)


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Splinter Cell DA for me.

Absolutely loved Chaos Theory and cant wait for more. The original SC was the first game to really push the xbox i thought, and it brought about a whole new level of graphical expectations - hopefully DA will do the same for the 360 and start to really show what the machine is capable of. Either way, the gameplay will rock as always and i can see this getting stacks of play time :)


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Smackdown vs Raw 2007. The 360 kinda lacks any decent multiplayers at the minute imo... I always buy this game and I cant wait to see it in HD! Also looking forward to how they'll utilise xbox live.. Roster updates???

If not smackdown, its hard to say without playin or seeing any game footage of new games, so I'm going to say oblivion, I already own this, but if I could only buy one game, this would definitly be it as it'd last me the rest of the year.


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Real game: Forza 2

Wishful thinking game: Ghetto Barbie Fifa Street Jam 5


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Dead Rising for me :)


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Only one game :( then it'll have to be Gears Of War, and then I'd have to rent Dead Rising, Splinter Cell, Lego Star Wars II, Rainbow 6, Just Cause etc.... ;)


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I would have to say TDU or Forza 2 as racing games are my favourite


Gears Of War for me... as the previews and videos for it is what sold me on the 360.

If not that then Dead Rising or Splinter Cell.


If I was only able to purchase one game then I think I would have a total breakdown.. :rolleyes:

Would finally toss a coin for either TDU or Saints Row ;)


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It would have to be Saints Row, those games last for ages...


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It would have to be Gears Of War, no question.

Every bit of media I have seen so far for it looks amazing. I just hope the gameplay matches up to the visuals, though I am a graphics whore so would probably buy it any way :D

Other that that it has to be Dead Rising. The demo is soooooooo much fun, can't wait for the full game :thumbsup:

The Fuggler

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Tempting to go against the grain here. Mine would be one of:

Pro Evo 6
NHL 2007
Saint's Row
Viva Pinata :eek:

Given my predilection for Animal Crossing, I'm sorely tempted to plump for Viva Pinata, but in the end I think I'll go for Pro Evo 6 by a short head.

The reality, of course, is that I'll buy them all and more (getting quite itchy for some new games now!)... :smashin:

Nemesis X2

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If i could only buy one game this year...

It would have to be PES6, simply becasue i know it would keep me going until i could buy another game next year, which would be PES7..!!;) Bloody budget!!


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Tough call. Pro Evo 6 comes closest but if there's one game I think will destroy all others to make its next gen mark, Gears of War will be it.

Forza 2 is another game I'm struggling to ignore.

Demon Luci

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Rainbow 6: Las Vegas (really enjoyed the original) if limited to 360 games or Zelda: Twighlight Princess if across all the consoles.

RDB :)

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