only got a grand to spend.


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Hi guys

One of my freinds made a valid point about buying a plasma, I have the 42px60 that I paid 1500 for, But my mate has only got 1k to spend and cannot afford to spend any more than that.

I have looked in mags for him and this site but they are mainky aimed at people that can spend alot more.

So my question is for the normal working man is what 42" plasma would you buy if you could not go over a grand.

He knows it will not be amazing but on a recent trip to currys digital they had loads under a grand and the quality varied.

I would never buy with out researching the net/this site.

So any help would be great, oh and it also need to be HD ready.



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He could get the 37" version of yours for a little over at £1090 not that much
difference in size

37" 917 x 645 mm

42" 1020 x 705 mm



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There isn't anything decent for £1k at 42", unless its not HD ready. Unless you get this model ORION TV42200SI for £999.00 from Curry's but I wouldn't suggest it was that great.

If he was prepared to go to £1,100 then could get a Samsung or LG.


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