Only getting channels from multiplex 1 and 2


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I live in the North of Scotland, Moray area. At the moment, I'm only getting 20 channels from multiplex 1 and 2.

I'm using an indoor amplified arial with the telescopic extenders down, but I've tried tunning with them fully up and still no joy! Is it possible that only two multiplexs are being broadcast as digital in my area? My nearest mast is about 12 miles away.


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Indoor aerials are a constant source of complaints:eek
Just do a search on here
Put your postcode in here and see what's recommended for your location

and have a look at this


Just a guess - but on an IV30 postcode an Amplified extra hi-gain aerial is recommended - and that's outdoors at a height of 10M

It seems all multiplexes are transmitted and, I would think, that a wideband aerial is required


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There is no substitute for the right aerial installation for your location, and indoor aerials are suitable only for the fortunate few.


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LOL, it's not even in the loft, it's next to my TV.

I had a look online, and it seems there are three transmitters that transmit digital. The one that's 12 or so miles away only transmits multiplex 1 and 2 in digital ATM. Theres a transmitter accros the firth about 50m as the crow flys, but I would probably need a decent outdoors one for that. Cheers for the links!

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