Only Fools and Horses



Any chance of a box set with some half decent extras. It seems a shame that should a classic program has so far been treated so poorly.

I have the feeling the BBC are realesing poor discs that lots of fans will buy and at a later date release a box set with extras.


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What are the BBC doing, they seem to make no effort with print quality and/or soundtracks ???? Trouble is I am hooked on some of their older classics, Only Fools and Horses being a prime example, I can't help but feel that they are robbing me everytime I purchase one of their disks.


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My feelings entirely :( :( :(

(just image Del boy and Rodders in 16:9 & 5.1) - I can dream can't I.


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Wow - you mean you haven't already seen every episode about 10-15 times??

This must be the most-repeated series on TV.

It's like it's in a constant loop...I love seeing my licence-fee pay for this stuff.

Would seeing Del and Rodney in 16:9 and DD5.1 make it any more amusing, do you think?

BTW - I'm not (really) having a dig at you guys. It's just a pet-hate of mine that these progs seem to be on all the time.



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Agree on what you are saying re the repeats but it re-enforces the issue, if the BBC wish to flog the series to death then they should take some pride in presentation, currently I believe that they do not take the home "video" market seriously.

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