only 2 HDMI ports?


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Ok, I have an appreciation for electronics, so I don't mean to sound ignorant in any way....

But why do these new recievers come with just 2 HDMI ports... I mean I can't see it being future-proof at all... in a short while we will have video cameras that output video through HDMI, how are we supposed to connect these through the AV reciever if we are already using one port for gaming, and the other for sky HD?

What I struggle to understand is, the HDMI port is just a connector, its not like its made out of a special crystal or gold or something ... Yes I know the switching is much more elaborate that say switchin between composite signals because there has to be some neccesary handshakes etc, resolution matching ... but isnt that controlled by some central chip in the reciever? ... point being the cost is in the scaler/switcher chip.... so you should be able to add 4 HDMI ports cheaply?

Any ideas? :)


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The "newer" higher level ones such as the 705 / 805 etc have three inputs. Thats what i reckeon anyways. Always blame the marketers.


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because they are budget receivers and, bottom line, they want you to buy more expensive gear.

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