Online shops that deliver for release day?


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Who in your experience is reliable in doing this?

Gameplay always have for me. Does anyone have any experience of pre-orders?


Distinguished Member have always got my pre-orders to me either the day before release, or on the actual release date. Most of the time it's the day before though, and in one instance my order actually arrived two days before release. Despite their highstreet prices being a total con their online prices are usually very competative. There's usually discount codes going about too. Check the Gaming Bargains section to see if there's any in use at the moment.

Never tried Zavvi I'm afraid, sorry.

Nemesis X2

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Shopto always arrive the day before, sometimes 2 days early and are more often than not the cheapest anywhere. They also provide a recorded next day delivery, which is great in principle but not if there's nobody home to sign for it.... in which case you'll have to collect from the royal mail depot, and in my case that means the next morning...!!

Normally i have them ship to my mums house as she can be in if i need her to, or failing that use as they normally arrive a day early also.


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Has anybody got any experience with thehut? I pre ordered GOW2 from them and will be gutted if I don't get it on release.

Ive only ordered a couple of blurays from them before, on seperate occasions.

Both times they were delivered 2-3 days after dispatch. It could be different for the games though but I would personally look elsewhere if you want it guaranteed for release day.


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I've pre-ordered some games with Zavvi and they offer a 'deliver to local store' option. Does this guarantee I can walk into the store on release day and pick up my copy?


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Best site best for gaming and getting games early and there cheaper than any where else..


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Basically all of them.

I order regularly from, HMV, Amazon and have always had it on, and often before release.

I have many pre-orders with Game due to the wonderful discount codes, and have found that they have next-day delivery on everything, and for pre-orders you usually get the game the day before release.
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Billy Goodgun

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Yeah, Play have never shipped me anything for release day for me. Well, no games, anyway. Preordered three times - twice it arrived the following Monday, once (DMC4) it didn't arrive at all, so I had to ask for a refund.

Game haven't let me down yet. I've preorder about 7 or 8 titles from them, I think. One arrived on release day, all the others have arrived on the Thursday before. BIA:HH is the latest game I ordered that arrived early.

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If they're shipping from Jersey/Guernsey, avoid if you want something promptly rather than a few days after it gets mailed. If they're in the UK, go for it. Play, HMV for instance, I would avoid if I wanted it quickly. Game, ShopTo, I'd definitely recommend if I wanted something quickly.


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I always use and go for the free shipping option. I either get them the day before or on the day of release, most of the time it's been on the release day. I also like to build up my points to save for future buys. :thumbsup:


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The only 2 to trust.

The other thing is wait for release day and pick it up from high street. Argos, Tesco's and even Blockbusters all seem to do pretty good deals on new titles now.

Indiana Jones

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I always pre-order games with Game, Shopto or Zavvi as they offer the best prices and always get me the game on release day or the day before.

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