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Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by MrNotSooLoaded, Feb 8, 2009.

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    Okay so I am in process of building new PC and I need looooots of help bcos i am a bit dim when it comes to all things physical! I used to understand processors and motherboards and all that sort of stuff quite well but I havent stayed up to date with anything and now really suffering as a result!

    The purpose of the PC is purely for online poker.

    The main things I am struggling with at the moment are;
    * Dual Montor setup - what monitor res to go with,
    * Processor Intel or non intel,
    * Harddisk which one to get!

    Dual Monitor Setup
    I am looking at having a dual monitor setup so I can play as many tables as i want at once! Now I dont really understand how to this works but looking into it at the moment, I am thinking something in the region of 17" to 19" with a res of 1900 by 1200????

    I have absolultely no idea what is goin on nowadays with processors and which ones are better or worse, seemed to me that it used to be much easier before!

    Now the harddisk is very important for online poker. It must be a RAID compatible (what ever that means) and SATAII I think? and as high RPM as possible, 7200 RPM is as high as i can find at the moment, does it go any higher?

    Anyway I hope to carry this thread on as a blog and get feedback on what i am doing, etc to really get the most out of my purchases, really appreciate any advice that ne1 can provide.


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