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Cant seem to find a league on here what people are still playing:( So if can get enough interest was thinking of starting my own. Will be room for 32 clubs:smashin: So if anyone is intersted post on here and if i get enough response will start one up:D


The last AVF league (which afaik is still going on but grinding to a close) was good fun, but even despite a few months of advertising I think we only had around 10 players max. So 32 players is probably a bit optimistic :D

That said, I would be up for it.

Might I suggest that the league be restricted to 4-star teams and under however? I think what put people off who played in the last league is that whoever gets Man Utd / Barcelona as their team are immediately in an grossly advantageous position (especially if they are also a good player), owing to the unstoppable goal scoring machines that are Ronaldo and Eto'o / Messi.

It would also be refreshing to play some different teams for a change. Just a thought anyway. Count me in :)


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I would gladly be up for it, and the max 4 stars idea sounds cool too, makes it more of a challenge and no one would have a big advantage. As I said I'm up for it, but it depends on when the matches are played, as the weekends fit me the best.


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Yeah will do about 10-15 clubs then.

And yes 4 star teams or less sounds good.

Better for me as well as my team Is Nottingham Forest:D

Well i will set one up and send password out to people who want to join. Also will start new thread dedicated to the league:smashin:

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