Online incoming call alarm???


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My dad's after something to warn him when calls are incoming while he's online (dial-up). What should he be looking at? Any links would be appreciated.


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Try and look under modems for the SC internet Alert IA510. Haven`t used one myself, but it looks just the thing. Scan are expensive for postage though, so you might want to shop around,



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Go for DSL - the blocked phone line is a great excuse to do this and you will never regret it for a second.



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dsl? dedicated second line maybe? showing my ignorance here. that is a consideration for him as a second line (my old internet line) is already in place and just needs reconnection. I'll leave it him.


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DSL = Digital Subscriber Line. Broadband Internet access. Normally supplied as ADSL the A is Asymmetric which means faster download than upload. Phone line is split between data and voice. You can receive and make phone calls while on line. Is magnitudes faster than a dial up.


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