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Jan 5, 2002
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Hi All

Just been reading about the new Onkyo Receiver TX-NR1000.
It looks like a real KILLER av receiver, boasting

***loop through for HDMI 2xIP 1xOP*** WOW! :eek:
DVI connections... :eek:
7 x 150w output :eek:
THX Ultra2 spec :eek:
192KHz/24-bit D/A :eek:
2 x i LINK inputs :eek:

And it can be totally hardware (via replaceable modules) and software upgradeable. And built to specific order too.
In the Autumn a DAB tuner upgrade will be made available amongst a TRUCK LOAD more stuff.. Looks pretty too!!

This could be a real headscrew for all the other manufacturers that release version 100 then 200 then 300 and so on, can't believe its been kept so quite. Well done Onkyo, hope it delivers....Onkyo have a strong reputation so it should be very good :clap:


Price is expected to be around £2,205


**UPDATE** Canny find any details at their own site but as ever
AVLand are in there, so for pics:-

Yeah I know what you mean, hopefully this will lead to manufacturers building components that have plug and play modules.

Well we can only hope:rolleyes:

Just thought I should mention that the new Rotel processor the RSP1098 is built on this principle of plug n play. But whether this will work or not, only time will tell.
Been keeping an eye on that Onkyo too.

IMHO it's probably going to be the Giant Killer among integrated amps.

Yamaha, Denon and Pioneer will soon follow suit or poss. suffer greatly.

It's a fully loaded beast with all the right badges and pedigree at a good price, (until now I hadn't seen a price, and did expect it to be at say £3K at least).

I believe someone said the card modules are the same/similair to Meridian kit. Now that, if correct, is a killer blow.
Surely that price has got to be wrong? Even the current top of the line 989 is a fair bit more than that!

Anyone else had more info on this unit?

I've never heard an Onkyo. But by all accounts they are well received so I'm a little surprised at that. Lifeless? Who'd buy them ordinarily then?
thats just my personal opinion after i demoed some. back before i bought my ax10i. i demoed denon pioneer onkyo yamaha. and at the time onyko came out at the bottom of the pile for me.

i hope things have improved.

im also not sure the modular approach is right. Are the dacs on a card or the processing chips. if not then it will fall behind the competition as there next model will all be updated in these areas
And its these areas that make the most difference.

or am i wrong.
If not on the cards then it'd be a waste of time having a modular approach.

It'll interesting to find out how this amp turns out then.

Being ideal in just about every dept except sound would be about right. Nothing is perfect.:)
Sorry forgot to mention I found this article in a magazine called 'DigitalHome' on Page 11.


The Onkyo TX-NR1000


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I've always liked Onkyo's sound - borrowed a 797 once and preferred it to my Denon A11SR !
Onkyo do a 'pro' range under a differant label, a processor only version of this is being released under that. I don't know if they sell those in europe thou. By the looks of it the same cards work in both.

Not sure of the distribution of bits inside these babies but there's no reason why they couldn't offer a chasie (sp) upgrade in the future and you reuse your existing cards. The only card I've seen is the HDMI and that appears to have a SI scaler built in, how integrated the other cards are I've no idea.

Can't wait for a demo, if only it had some auto config like the Pio/Yam/Den top ends!
Hmmm, rip of Brit strikes again!

Although that'll be the RRP, but still it looks like a 1:1 $->£ from the US prices I've heard, bit silly with the current exchange rate. :(
:clown:Yes the inputs are modular but the 7.1 output is fixed what if we go 12.2 your stuck then! only messing this looks the dogs:D
Hi All

I saw it at the Bristol Show with the lid off and it looked very impressive indeed and very very LARGE!!

Everything is neatly laid out and the inputs on the back are endless.... the Canadian guy de-briefing me on every thing it could do obviosly knew his s*** but after he finished talking (about 10-15 mins), I asked him "but how does it sound"?
He replied, "I dont know I haven't heard it yet!!!!!". Which was quite funny. The unit was on show but not on demo.

Even John Dawson was there talking to the public about his new equipment... I never loved Arcam av gear (although I bought a CD33 and A32), but much respect due for his attendance. And the DV78 looked stunning on a 42" Panny plasma...... and i hate having to admit that!?!

Hey Bob, it already has 14.2 outputs! ;) (Two 7.1 Zones).
I'd hope if the general interface lasted you'd be able to swap cases and take your still usefull cards with you. It would certainly be nice to take something from a >£2000 amp if you upgrade in a couple of years, they're just a bit too big to use as paperweights or door stops. :)
Just for a laugh I checked the US$ RRP price, added 10% for Duty and 17.5% for VAT...


Might have to just import it myself for ~£3000. LOL :)

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