Onkyo's HT-S990THX THX™


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hi guys just need a bit of help i have never had a real auido setup and i am in the middle of my first home cinema i have a 42ich HD TV .... ps3 + X-box 360 and a Panasonic home cinema surround system it cost me 350 pounds and i think it is quite poor i want something with more base for music and dvd's and my blue ray on the ps3 i do not know much about auido equipment and i want my xbox-ps3 to be real surround sound by this i think i have to connect by optical ??? i have not got an optical input on my Panasonic i have a price range of around 800 but bare in mind i am looking for finance just incase you give me some good idears but i cant afford to go and buy them out right i have been looking at this system and just wanted to know if any 1 has got one or heard or seen one in action or just generally know if this is worth the money...this is the system-- Onkyo's HT-S990THX THX™ Certified 7.1-Channel Receiver/Speaker Package (HTS990THX) this is 699.00 on the net and looks like a nice system if any 1 can recommend anything better or give me some pointers if im looking in the wrong direction i would be so gratefull
thanks Anthony.................

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