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Hi all for the past 10 years I have been using the Yamaha RX-V640RDS 6.1 and it has been an excellent amp and still going strong but sadly I need to upgrade to an amp with HDMI's because everything goes through my amp i.e sky ,projector,xbox etc,
I am very interested in buying the Onkyo 609 ,
my current speakers are
fronts mission 702e
front center mission 70
rears jamo studio 170
rear center yamaha nsc90
downward firing active jamo subwoofer
quite mis match I know but has kept me happy for years,
Anyways my question is my speakers are a little old and quite tired now I feel, so any recommendations on what speakers and sub will sound as good if not better on the onkyo 609 would be greatly appreciated.



The 609 is still pricey and over-specced imho, and the 607 which is excellent seems not to be obtainable now, but there are still some 608s around at more sensible prices.
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