Onkyo x09 line or is it being updated soon?


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Hello, I'm looking at some prices in amazon for the 509, 609, 709, 809.... and depending the best deal they all more or less cover my needs... my question is, will there be an update to a new line with features we should defenitly wait for? (4k resolution, newer/better 3d support)

I'm planning on buying it in 2-3 month anyway, but was wondering if there are any new big updates that are worth waiting for...

thanks, merry xmas and happy new year!!


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There are no new must have features that I know off that are about to be released. The new models tend to be released around Feb/March time which will mean great prices on the current x09 series. Hence if you are waiting 2 to 3 months I would still get the x09 range but at a good discount due to the new model.

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