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Onkyo TXSR606 & MS Alumni Speakers advice needed


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Hi guys, I need some advice. I am planning to buy the following:

Onkyo 606 Av reciever £399
Amni 5 for centre £120
Aumni 9 for sub £200
Aumni 2 for front and back £280
Alumni Stands £320
DVD pioneer DV400v

However I wanted to get frloorstanders as I really like the look of them (Yes!! I am a girl and allthough i want the best system for sound quality i am also worried about the looks.) I have a very big room so space isn't an issue. I will be using this system for music and watching films etc through my projector. Can anyone advise me if first of all this is the right choice? also if inot then what system will be good for me? This system was suggested by Richer sounds guy. I would appreciate if someone can advise me as now after sleeping on the quotation it sounds stupid to spend £320 on stands for the speakers where i can have better quality speakers as speaker size doesn't matter in my room....Please advise?


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Perhaps I'm misunderstanding but £320 for STANDS, is that right, because that is not right. Good quality stands are about £50 to £70 per pair.

Are these Aumni stands made of solid gold?

Why not consider the Avant series?

Using Richer sound as an example -

M-S Avant 902i bookshelf = £149.95/pair

M-S Avant 906i floorstander = £199.95/pair

That is a subtotal of £349.90

For Centers, you have a choice between -

304 @ £69.95
905i @ £119.95


for subs, you have a choice between -

308 @ £149.95
309 @ £229.95
409 @ £199.95


Speaker stand are typically -

£40 to £99.95


choosing the lowest priced options for center and sub, the total is about £569.80 plus stands. Your previous choice was, speakers only, £600.

Using the more expensive center and sub (905i & 309), the total comes to £699.80.

I have no doubt that the system I've itemized here is a much better system that the standard Alumni 5.1 surround system.

Just a thought.



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Thanks Steve, I have just looked at the qutation and their website. You are right that stands I have chosen are only £80 per pair not £80 for each. The richer sounds guy has worked it wrong as he has quoted £319.80 for stands X4. Maybe thats why he said he will give me nearly £300 discount. Thanks for pointing this out to me.

I dont feel like going back to Richer sounds now. I was only going there so I can buy their gurantee/warranty in case something goes wrong. Is there anywhere else I can get this from? Would it be ok to get all this from internet? If yes then can you recommend any site?


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Go to Mordaunt Short and check out their list of dealers -


Not exactly sure where you are, so I can't go much beyond that.

Also note that Richer has many locations spread around the UK, so perhaps another location when it's convenient?

Peter Tyson is also a M-S dealer -

Here is a M-S 5.1 system with front floorstanders from Peter Tyson, it is more expensive because it uses a different front speaker, but it is a representative example -


Checking the dealer list for London, there is a long list of dealer many of whom have websites -


Again, not sure if you are in London, but there seem to be several Richer Sound dealers in the London area.

Also, going to http://www.google.co.uk/ and limiting the search to the UK, you can search for 'Mordaunt Short' and come up with a long list of places selling Mordaunt speaker both in the search list and in the advertising on the right.

If you know what you want, I'm sure you can do the whole thing on-line at Richer Sound including getting the extended 'Supercare' 5 year warrantee. If you look at the links I provided to Richer Sound, you will see there are two prices for everything, one with the standard warrantee and one with the extended warrantee.

Hope that helps.



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I have Monitor Audio Radius R270 Floor-standers and I love them, they look amazing and sound amazing too. They aren't cheap at £500 a pair, but you don't have to pay for stands, and like my nan always says, you pay for what you get.

I personally would recommend
Monitor Audio R270 fronts £500
Monitor Audio R225 centre £200
Monitor Audio R90 rears £250
BK XLS200 subwoofer £300

I personally have a small room and don't need a centre, I also use a lesser Jamo sub, but am really considering upgrading to to a BK sub for that extra slam. I also saved £100 on getting KEF HTS3001 'Eggs' rather than the R90s as they look better on the wall, plus they are able to integrate, better with my desired 80Hz crossover.

Just don't do what I did and spend out £200+ on small speakers (personally Jamos) when you truly want floorstanders :cool:.

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