Onkyo TXSR577 & Netgear 9150


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Hi guys and gals,

I have done a search on this and have not had my problem resolved (partly as I don't understand what most of you are talking about!)

I have two problems, from searching I guess you know that the 9150 is the problem but I'll start another thread in the appropriate section...

I have all the gear and no idea, it would seem!

I have a 42 Samsung plasma (bit old now but does the job for the time being)
This is HDMI'd into the Onkyo which then runs off to the Netgear, my Jamo dvd player and my Virgin+ HD box all via HMDI. I use the Onkyo to power the Jamo speakers which were originally part of an out of the box job with the dvd player.

Everything works on it's correct input except the 9150. I can't see how it can go wrong?? It is plugged in using an HDMI cable, I've swapped them around so I know the cable works and I've swapped inputs but all that happens is that the screen is blue and says something like 'mode not supported'? (I think, can't remember exactly off hand)

Any help would be great. Obviously the 9150 has been nothing but headaches since I got it, but I will persevere and I will get it to work as I intend!

Anyone who wants to look at my thread I'm about to write on why the Netgear only seems to stream from my pc and not actually copy anything over, and would like to comment on that, I would be very grateful!

Thanks in advance,


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