Onkyo TXSR507 with Cambridge S30s or Acoustics 1010i


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I am putting together my home cinema system which at the moment consists of a Samsung LE40B750.

I will be using a LG BDP370 Blue Ray, and also Freesat HD Box.

I am still not sure whether to use an Onkyo TXSR507 or something else? The price seems very competitive for the spec, and it has popular reviews.

I am slightly concerned in "matching" my chosen AV Receiver to the Speakers. Initially I was looking at the -
Q-Acoustics 1010i set for £350.00, but also like the Cambridge S30s with an S50 and S90.

My question is whether the Onkyo would work equally well with both of these speaker systems, or whether some other AV receiver could be used instead.

In terms of budget - under £800.00 would be nice for the amp and the speakers.

In terms of my usage I will be using in a laminated room measuring 5m x 6m, and used mainly for Movies, but can see that as its the main room of the house - Music will also be played occasionally.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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The Onkyo is a popular choice for a budget HD amp. Other ones to consider would be the Sony 800 or Denon 1610. The 1010is are also a well regarded speaker set that is a bargain currently (believe they used to retail around £500) and should work well with any of the amps mentioned. Other speakers to look at (for Sony and Onkyo amps) would be the Tannoy SFX 5.1 set. For the Denon Jamo speakers would also be worth a look. The CA speakers you mention have had a good review on this forum and a great sounding set could no doubt be made from them. Again I think they would work well with any of the amps mentioned above. You could also look at the Wharfdale Diamond 9 series although I think these will work better with the Denon compared to the Onkyo/Sony.
The best bet is to go and demo the 1010s and CA speakers with the Onkyo to see which you prefer. Richer sounds also have the Diamond 9.0 so can demo this too at the same time. Then pick the set you like the most.


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Thanks for the advice.

My issue with Richer Sounds has been the availablity of the kit to demo, and my time to achieve that.

Initially they were short of the CA S90 Sub. - Now they are telling me they cannot source a TXSR 507 or the S90.

There is nothing quite like having a demo I am sure, but they are not in a position to really support - so i am feeling I will have no choice but to chose from the advice of others (although opinion) and technical advice.

It also appears that its quite hard to beat richer sound for price if sticking to a store. My Quote for:

Onkyo TXSR 507
LG 370 BDP Blue Ray
HD Freesat
4 x S30
1 x S50
1 x S90

was a mere 950.00


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That looks a great price with a lot of kit for under £1k. Hard to see how you will be disappointed with it. You will have to report back on how it all sounds.


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Yes, definitely will do as soon as the confirm they can supply/source it all.

Its quite annoying when you spend 3hrs plus discussing the options, arriving at the decision, and then them saying we dont have this that...etc etc...

Also on that point everything is cheap when you dont have it in stock...they did quote before they checked stock but....


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Another option would be the Sony 2400ES at £400 and the Q Acoustics package. This has a similar tonal sound to the Onkyo amps but is the step up 'ES' sony range and got five stars in the recent What HIFI £500 group test.

SONY STRDA2400-BLK at Richer Sounds - HI-FI Separates, Home Cinema, Speakers, MP3 DVD Portables, Plasma LCD, etc.

As an alternative speaker package, which I think would better match Sony/Onkyo amps look at the previously mentioned Wharefdales available for between £300-380 depending on finish.

Both the QA and Wharefdale speakers were more expensive, but on discount due to newly released ranges, so a bit of a bargain.

Also the £440 Denon 1910 (the winner of the WhatHifi test would go well with the Q Acoustics and still be in budget. I wouldn't pair that with the Wharefdale speakers as both are on the warm side tonally and it could be too much.

WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 9 HCP HOME CINEMA SPEAKER SYSTEM - available from Superfi UK Visit http://www.superfi.co.uk/index.cfm/page/moreinfo.cfm/product_id/2210 for details

WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 9 HCP HOME CINEMA SPEAKER SYSTEM (LIMITED EDITION, WALNUT FINISH) - available from Superfi UK Visit http://www.superfi.co.uk/index.cfm/page/moreinfo.cfm/product_id/4281 for details

Captain Jon

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Hey man,

I have the 507 with s30 speakers (two at the moment) and they sound brilliant. I have just added a BK XLS200 sub and it has improved by so much.

My next step is to add two more with the s50 in the middle. In a weird way I am kind of glad to be upgrading slowly to appreciate each step-up and all the sound modes for each speaker config. The manual is really handy as well.

To the point - I would recommend the s30s with the 507 but beware that they are a little deep in shape. You can bi-wire them as well in case you didn't realise.

Bought mine in RS Bournemouth.

Good luck fella.


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Did you get a chance to add the other speakers?


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I actually went for the Teufel Motiv 6 Motiv 6 complete set - Home Cinema Speakers and have been very pleased.

I was finding it was too tricky to demo everything back to back - and there is nothing like listening to it in your own home. The returns period offered by Teufel provided this flexibility.

The aesthetics of the speaker is without doubt better than some of my earlier possibilities - but i am sure at the compromise of some performance.

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