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Onkyo TXNR808 end of life?


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is the Onkyo TXN808 end of life?

Richer sounds have some, but i was waiting for a better price..?

If it is end of life, what is its replacement..



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Yes it is i have seen the tx-nr809 on th enet an dit is due in July.


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NR809 is audiovisualonline costing £999..expected end of may

Richer sounds has the 808 for £600, but the offer has expired 6 days ago, they are now £700.

Should i buy it before they run out or hold up for more offers, or wait and get the new model, though my budget is £700 max..so not sure if these would go on offer soon after release?


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The 808 is currently a good price and makes it affordable to you now. The problem with run out models is that they may well drop in price overn the coming weeks menaing you get a better bargain but hey could equally run out of stock and hence you get nothing. So a bit of a gamble either way really. I would suggest if the current price is acceptable to you then get one while you can. What speakers do you have? Have you looked at other models like Denon 2311/3311 or Yamaha 1067/2067?


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I have not looked at other models, my friend has this amp and it sounds awsome with his speakers..

I found a shop, that is willing to do the 808 for £650 (EX-Demo) if i were to buy 3 speakers also.

So am thinking to buy 3 Monitor Audio Inwall speakers Silver range W380LCR costing £300 each.

rears i will buy at a later date when i have little more money..the above should keep me busy for a short while as i need to build a floating wall and get the tv \ speakers into the wall.

I need to decide and go buy on saturday - though more then likley will not be opening the boxes for maybe another month as i have building work going on.

So £1300 + vat £1550 inl vat

just hope the wife does not see this.. ;-)


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What speakers does your friend have?
Monitor Audio speakers are often described as bright sounding and so are Onkyo recievers so they may not pair well together. I would make sure you demo the combination first to ensure it sounds good to you as this will depend on your personal sound preference.
Also are you planning on getting a sub at the same time? In wall speakers tend to lack bass extension hence really need a sub to reinforce the sound. You will also have to consider how you build your floating wall as it will need to be sturdy enough to house the speakers and not vibrate etc. You will also need to find a way to enclose the back of the speakers as well as they are designed to go into walls with a sealed back.


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Not sure of the exact model, but he has inwall gold MA speakers.

I am unable to demo, as the shop does not allow for it,and I only found one shop that had the amp and speakers in stock. What should I do?

If the speakers and amp are both bright sounding, would that not be a good match?

Am planning on getting an sub, but little later

In regards to the speakers and sealing the back, would I be ok to cut the hole in the wall, the with fi it up with something on the sides so the hole is sealed? Or cut a slightly bigger hole and make something for the speakers using wood and fit that in the hole and plaster it?


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A back box with in wall speakers, if properly designed, will often help with bass extension. However, all you really need to do is make sure you block the path from the front of the speaker to the rear. Hence either method you mention should work.
Using 2 bright sounding components together is not a good match as they can produce an over bright sound which can be wearing to listen too for any length of time. Usually you try to pair bright with warm to get a more balanced sound. However, if you like your mates 808 with his MA speakers then the chances are you will like the combination with the RX in wall speakers.
On the sub front I would reiterate that inwall speakers are known for not having great bass extension so I would really look to get a sub from the start.


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Ops thinks there’s some confusion here..

I only have today to decide as I need to go buy Saturday.

My brother has

  • Pioneer amp not sure which one cost near £1500.
  • Gold In-wall Monitor Audio Speakers he said they cost like £750 each?

My friend has

  • Onkyo 808 amp
  • Unknown speakers

Both setups sound good.

What i am thinking of buying:

  • Onkyo 808 amp £650
  • Monitor Audio Silver W380lcr in wall speakers £300 each

Sub and rear speakers will need to wait a few months.

My brother recommended I should go for the silver as this will be sufficient for my needs. Amp I found based on as it was recommended by my friend, and as its end of life it will be reduced in cost also another benefit.

I will at a later date find a sub and rear speakers.

Can someone please put me some links up for decent but not too expensive speaker cable..i will also do the runs for the sub and rear speakers at the same time


I will be cutting out the plaster board in the living room, little bigger then my 50” plasma, and the plasma will be mounted as close to the wall as possible. The left right & middle speakers will also be mounted in the wall by cutting the holes.

I will then create a thin floating wall as I don’t want it to come out too much as space is limited. In the false holes will be cut for the TV and 3 speakers. I was thinking of putting speaker covers on the front for show however the actual speakers will be behind it in the actuall wall..

I will post my thinking of install in the DIY section, as I will need help with this.

Appriciate all the help, just hope i get it all right, as this is costly.. :smashin:
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As Davi1F says since MA and Onkyo team up for exhibitions you would assume they will work well together but I would still be concerned especially since you can not demo. I have seen posts from members on here stating that, for them (and this is all down to personal taste) the 2 do not pair well. That said Pioneer are also often described as bright or forward sounding so if you like the MAs with the Pioneer then the Onkyo/MA combination may also be fine for you. Personally I would stick with warmer recievers like the Yamaha 1067/2067 or Denon 2311/3311 which are all being sold at good discounts at the moment the same as the 808.
As for the install, I understand better now and was assuming you were mounting the speakers on the thin floating wall. You may want to consider either sealing in the back of the speakers of sealing in the cutout for the TV so that you do not get sound leaking out. Bear in mind that a speaker produces as much sound backwards as it does forwards and you do not want that backwards sound leaking out to interact with (and possibly cancel out) the forward sound.


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Slight change of plan..

It would turn out i have been looking at the wrong speakers! I was after MA inwall silver speakers, and for some reason i have been looking at in wall speakers but open at the rear..W380lcr.

Only picked up on this as you were talking about the back of the speaker..picked up the phone to MA...

I need the CPW-RS speaker, which has the box on the rear.

Your Speaker - CPW RS | Monitor Audio

cost is £100 less, so i save money... woohooo


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I have just put the deposit down on the last Onkyo 808 and 3 MA silver inwall speakers.

The deal was too good cost me £1200 inc vat.

I decided on the 808 as time was not on my side, it was difficult to find one in stock, and this will allow me to upgrade my speakers at a later date without having to worry if the amp can cope..i am sure there are other features that i will also make use of once i get into it.

Thanks for all the help..Just need to find a way of telling the wife! lol

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