Onkyo TX-SR608 - US model, due to moving to UK


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I've got the above amp, but have recently seconded to work in the UK for a couple of years! I am having a load of stuff shipped over, but am in two minds whether to ship the amp. I recently bought it before I knew I was moving, and don't know whether just a transformer from 220v to 110v will cut the mustard.

I've tried to contact Onkyo, but they seem a little slow in responding and I have until Saturday to know whether to pack it or not.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated. I would sell it, but they are twice as expensive as it is in the US.


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Hi and Welcome.

You might get some help from THIS thread and its links.

Are you coming over for a definite set time? Can your 608 go into storage anywhere for that time? then you could consider buying something over here,offsetting the cost against the transport cost of your 608 and its resale value later?

In any event,Good luck,



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Fortunately shipping cost isn't an issue, due to my employer paying for it. I've packed it up now as I'm getting a container sent. Just got to wait the 6 weeks for it to arrive!

I'm buying a 700W transformer, which should cover it. It's ~ £60 which is better than leaving it depreciating and forking out ridiculous prices in the UK (Why does stuff cost so much more??).

Thanks for the help, the thread did help in my decision making!
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