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<img border="0" align="right" width="100" alt="Onkyo TX-SR608 AV Receiver Review" title="Onkyo TX-SR608 AV Receiver Review" src="http://reviews.images.static-avforums.com/reviews/140/thumb.jpg">Reviewed by Nick Peacock, 12th July 2010.
I came away with the impression that Onkyo had a big tool-box to draw on when developing AV receivers. They decide what the want for each point in the market, then work within a budget to get the best mix of performance and functionality. With too many features to even list in a review, this must be a difficult juggling act. Receivers are the ultimate jack-of-all-trades these days, but it seems the SR608 isn’t actually trying to be all things to all men. It focuses on being an HD AV receiver, rather than being a stereo amp or a media player or video processor or whatever. It doesn’t try to be good at everything, but gets its act together with what it needs to do – playing movie soundtracks well. It’s also relatively easy to set-up and convenient to use day to day. If you have £450 to spend on a movie-centric AVR that won’t become obsolete in a year’s time, you’re unlikely to regret spending it on the TX-SR608.
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good review. i bought one of these a few months ago to replace a technics amp i'd had for 10 yrs. there was nothing wrong with the technics, just fancied the 1080p conversion and hdmi connections, 7.1, etc. it doesn't sound as good as the technics but maybe thats the way i've got it set up. did you let the onkyo up convert or did you just let the signal pass through. i really don't notice any difference with the 1080p conversion? if i'd seen this review before i'd bought it i probably wouldn't have bothered. i thought it was going to be the bees knees!


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I paid roughly the same for my Yahama RXV1065 and the Yahamha iPod dock (YDS-11).

I am very happy with the Yahama, but was curious if the Onkyo had a similar capability to play iPod music and videos and support the A/V receiver remote and on screen video display.


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How does this Onkyo compare to Denon AVR-1911 ?
Better, same or worst ?



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Great review Nick :thumbsup:

I've owned a couple of Onkyo's before, the 605 for a bedroom setup and 875 for the main setup. Personally I think they're good receivers for movies, terrible for music but my biggest criticism of Onkyo is that they keep replacing models every 12 months, which makes a nonsense of buying an Onkyo at full price - you know it's going to be worth nothing in 12 months time.


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:thumbsup: Great review Nick.
I'm a couple of months away from buying a whole home cinema system, and after reading here and there i came to this one vs. the Denon AVR-1911. It would be great to see a review for the Denon too, so we (actually you :p) can draw some comparisons.
Thanks alot

Don Dadda

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terrible for music...

Yep..Agreed 100% but at least they are honest about the fact they are heavily movie orientated and not a jack of all trades AV amplifier.

... criticism of Onkyo is that they keep replacing models every 12 months, which makes a nonsense of buying an Onkyo at full price - you know it's going to be worth nothing in 12 months time.

I also agree with that, but you could also say that for Yamaha and Denon.

I'm not a fan of Onkyo products and I'm on record stating so - that has not changed, but i do appreciate value for money which they provide in abundance with the 608 and previous others across it ranges - Practically second to none on that front. Others seem to be pale incomparison. I'm also glad to see they added another or bigger cooling fan as Onkyo's use to get pretty hot

Cheers Nick. Very Informative :thumbsup:.
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