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Onkyo TX-SR606E and B&W MT-30 - Good Package?


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I'm looking at spending up to £2,000 on an amp and set of 5.1 speakers.

I see that Sevenoaks Sound and Vision do a package of the Onkyo TX-SR606E and B&W MT-30 for £1,649. Is this a good deal and combination?

Both the Onkyo and B&W websites aren't very good in that they don't offer an easy comparison between their products. I don't mind paying a bit extra for a higher model amp or speaker package.

Would this combination be good or are there other makes/models that I should be looking at?

I have a 50" 1080p TV and use it mainly for Bluray films and TV.


Etienne A

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IMO the 605/606 is underpowered ... and the MT30 package is overpriced cos' of the included PV1 sub.

You should be able to get 5 M1s on their own ... and add to that a BK or SVS sub - that would probably ammount to some £350-400 savings (with still a better sub) ... add those £350 to the 606's price, and you would probably manage to fit in an 805/806/875! MUCH better system for a similar outlay!


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I see that Sevenoaks Sound and Vision do a package of the Onkyo TX-SR606E and B&W MT-30 for £1,649. Is this a good deal and combination?
That's one helluva deal in terms of price, but I'm not sure it's a good combination. The 606 is completely outclassed by the M1s and you simply won't hear what they're remotely capable of. I'd see if you could jack the deal up closer to your £2k limit with a much better amp (805, 875, etc) and then flog the PV-1.

The PV-1 is a phenomenal piece of design & engineering, but in the rush to answer a number of questions that sub design wasn't asking, it achieved a space inefficient form factor that results in a performance that can be bettered by some surprisingly mundane subs.

Even if you Ebayed it for as little as £500 I can think of several more traditional subs that will comfortably stuff it for depth and distortion performance. Don't be swayed by people who claim it is 'musical' either. That's an excuse for 'no idea what real bass sounds like, or how to integrate it into my room'.;)



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The best prices I can find are:

  • 5 x B&W M-1 speakers = £625
  • ONKYO TX-SR806 amp= £786

So that's £1,414.

If I could get those plus a sub at around £600 (maybe a little more) I'd be happy :) I can hunt around in the subwoofer topic of this forum and also do some research on the Internet.

Is it better if the subwoofer is the same make as the speakers and/or amp?

Also, will the ONKYO TX-SR806 be fairly future-proof? i.e. will it be replaced by any new standards coming out in the next 12 months?

Many thanks.

Etienne A

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If you're not too fussed about sub size you could have a look at the BK Monolith ... failing that (size-wise) you could look at the BK XLS300 (i have one of em' - great little sub), or an SVS SB12 (a very popular choice).

No - it doesn't matter what brand the sub is!

The 806 should be a great amp - I say should as I've not heard the new 806 ... but the 805 is a really good amp, so even if they changed nothing you'll be fine! Actually - you might be able to find an 805 for around £500 now as it's end of line ... if you do and don't mind 3 hdmi instead of 4 it would be a worthwhile option.

Etienne A

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Note: don't be put off by BK's mundane website. You're getting real value here ... they're built like a tank and sound like ... er ... a tank if that's what on tellie!!


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Is that a good system? Well, it is if you want 'egg/pod/lifestyle' speakers, but why would you want those?

Don't get me wrong, there are circumstances where 'egg/pod' speaker are warranted; small rooms, need to be completely unobtrusive, and a few others, but I'm not convinced.

In a recent post, someone was looking for advice because a friend had asked him to assemble and build a home cinema system for her. He was looking at the B&W MT-30 speakers, which have a long list of awards, and we went through the same conversation I'm having with you now.

I reminded him to get his friend involved to make sure she got what she wanted and not what he thought she wanted. In the end, they went down to the Audio Shop and auditioned the MT-30 and a B&W 685 theater system. She gave one listen, turned to her friend and said, 'no contest'. They took the B&W 685's.


But others are also right, the subs with most of the bookshelf systems are thin to marginal, and the subs with 'pod' system are short of marginal.

A better application of resources and for the most productive end result, by the bookshelf speaker, center, and get either a BK Sub or an SVS sub.


The most frequently purchased models are the XLS200 and the Monolith.

Now, on the other hand, if you really do want 'egg/pod' speaker, as the many many award attest, the B&W MT-30 are pretty good.

But, one last point, usually the split between amp and speakers is about 50/50, though that is certainly not an absolute rule.

I'm not spending any money, so it is easy for me to say change this, do that, but I think you either need slightly more amp or slightly less speaker.

The Onkyo 606 is about 7x 90watts and has a fair compliment of features. It is a nice and very popular amp. I might even guess, one of Onkyo's most popular amps and the base discount price is about £399.

The Onkyo 706 has more features, generally better components, and 7x 100watts @ £599.

The Onkyo 806 has more features, generally better components, and 7x 140watts @ £799.

I think you would be better off with the 606 or 706 and some Quad Lite speakers.

Quad Lites are on close-out, and several people here have bought them, and several have heard them, and the response has been very positive. Keep in mind that the Quad Lite Sub alone is £500, so a complete system at £545 is an exceptional bargain.

http://www.weymouthhifi.co.uk/website/quad/quad lite.htm

To get the low price, you have to take Rosewood finish. The rosewood finish photos on the Internet look terrible. Those who have bought Rosewood have been very pleased with the look, and think the blend in very nicely.

If that doesn't appeal to you, and you are still insistance on spending over £1000 on speakers, let us know, but also let us know what you like and what you expect. Are you determined to have 'egg/pod' speaker, can you accept bookshelf.

Another great system, with an extremely fanatical following is the SVS system , also currently on sale for £776. I think people here will confirm that this is a top notch system for surround sound and that it has a fantastic sub.


This is not exactly a 'pixie' system, but it has reasonably compact bookshelf speakers. I would rate this system far and away over the MT-30, at least based on the overwhelmingly positive response to the speakers here and in other forums.

If you buy the MT-30's you will be pleased, but, in my opinion and based on their reputation, if you buy the Quad Lite or SVS you will be thrilled.

But, that's just my opinion.


Just a few thoughts.


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Wow, thanks for the info everyone! :thumbsup:

I would be happy with bookshelf speakers and a sub as opposed to pod speakers. Both the Quad Lites and SVS look good. On first impressions I'm leaning towards SVS but I'll read up on them more later (this months What Hi Fi Sound and Vision rates the Quad L-ite sub as 5 stars).

I don't know if the the Onkyo 706 would be good enough for me, the 806 might not offer me any extra benefits; I'll have to read up on it. My living room isn't very big. I'll need to read up on THX Select2 vs THX Ultra2 Plus as well as the other features.

Thanks for the help! :)
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Don't be swayed by people who claim it is 'musical' either. That's an excuse for 'no idea what real bass sounds like, or how to integrate it into my room'.;)

So, PV1 or even ex PV1 owner's that still claim it good for music, do not what what real bass is .. is that what you are saying Russell ?? :D

Not disagreeing with any of the other comments as it can be outperformed by subs costing far less money ;)
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