Onkyo TX-SR605 odd sound problems


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Have just replaced my aged Sony rdr-hx510 DVD recorder with the LG HR600 mainly because of its freeview HD play and record plus blu-ray in 1 box and more sound track decoding options (like DTS).

Old sony was connected via optical cable and sound/picture was as good as it could be given the system.

LG HR600 Blu-ray
HDMI out to TV - HDMI1
Digital Coaxial out to AMP
Audio Setup Settings:
HDMI: PCM Stereo
Digital Out: Primary Pass Through
Sampling Freq: 192KHz

Onkyo TX-SR605 (firmware main 1.03 07x01a)
HDMI out to TV - HDMI2
Setup Settings:
1. input/output assign
Monitor out - Yes
HDMI input - all ---
Digital input - COAX 1 (rest ---)
7-4 HDMI Audi Out – OFF

The LG has no optical out, so its connected via digital coaxial.
I have set the unit so that HDMI 1 allows me to watch/listen to input from the LG unit on the telly without the surround sound.
The other HDMI cable is simply coming from the amp so I can see the onkyo config screen on HDMI 2 on the telly.
Because of this, when I want to watch a disc with surround sound, I have to zero the TV volume, but that's OK and means I dont need the amp on just to watch the telly.

On the above settings, when watching a blu-ray or DVD every few minutes, the sound drops out for ~ 1 second or so and then carries on as normal. This is very irritating. Changing sound mode (DVD Dolby D, DTS, DVD direct mode or DVD pure audio etc) makes no difference.
The sound loss occurs in the same places (DVD or blu-ray), if I replay a single scene from the scene start.

If I watch the blu-ray / DVD through the telly (amp off, direct HDMI, TV speakers), then the sound is fine, but of course not surround.

If I reconfigure the inputs to use HDMI and coaxial (HDMI and coaxial from blu-ray to amp; HDMI from amp to TV), then the sound problem persists.

If I reconfigure the inputs to use HDMI only – no coaxial (HDMI out of blu-ray to amp input; HDMI from amp output to TV) i.e. DVD HDMI Through, then its less noticeable (a slight click in DTS, less in other modes). But configured this way, the amp has to be on just to watch telly!

Changing the DVDs audio set-up PCM sampling frequency (48, 96, 192KHz) does not seem to have an impact on this issue.

Anybody have ideas as to what's causing the sound outage?

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