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Onkyo tx-sr605 dropping video signal


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Hi all,

I am really hoping someone on here can help as having briefly trawled the net last night found no easy fix for what I was hoping was a simple problem

I have had my Onkyo in the front room connected to my Sky HD box (HDMI IN1) and a 3D TV for about a year now with no issues mostly playing movies via USB or across my network from my NAS. After moving home and now being the proud owner of a man cave (conservatory the missus calls it) I have decided to set it up as my gaming room and stole the Onkyo which she is not really fussed about anyway....result or so I thought

"Man Cave" Setup
Samsung LE40M86BD 40" LED TV
Sony PS4 (Connected to Onkyo via HDMI IN1)
Sky HD Box (Connected to Onkyo via HDMI IN2)
Onkyo tx-sr605 (Connected to TV via HDMI OUT)

Fired up COD on the PS4 and started playing with the video signal to the TV dropping every 5 minutes or so losing the picture for about 10 seconds before coming back on. I have been playing COD with this setup since the PS4 was launched with the same kit except the Onkyo so in my mind it has to be this that is causing the problem. I am hoping its a configuration setting and not hardware related

For information tonight I am planning on trying a few things to see if I can eliminate the culprit

1. Playing a movie through the sky box to see if this is OK (or not)
2. Bring my 3D more modern TV through from the sitting room and trying the PS4 and COD again
3. Switching HDMI leads around, I have about 4 or 5 pairs of varying quality, not sure if this is a probable cause but as part of the problem solving figure its worth a shot
4. Tinkering with the Onkyo output settings (Must admit I am a newbie at this but with trusty google by my side will give it a go)

Any help or suggestions is most appreciated

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Just a brief update as I didnt manage to spend much time tinkering yesterday but I did prove that watching HD channels via SKY (settings set as default when installed which I assume are 1080i) I got no video dropout

I then spent about 20 mins on COD with the volume turned right down and didnt get any video dropout, not sure if volume could be a factor or if it was just a coincidence and if I kept playing it would of started

More tinkering later


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The lack of responses is leading me to believe this aint gonna be an easy fix :(

Thought I had it cracked last night after exchanging all of the HDMI leads, ran COD for over an hour before it started happening again.....wtf

Next step is to switch TV's and try that out


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Assuming this isnt a common problem hence the lack of replies but if anyone does have it I think I have found a solution, luck more than judgement.

I am currently only using my PS4 for games but noticed the output for video was set to Automatic, I have forced this to 1080P only and have not had a problem since. I don't fully understand why but have ran COD for 3-4 hours staright without it happening again

Hopefully if someone has this problem this will help as I have spent many fruitless hours on it


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Sounds like the capacitors in the HDMI board are giving up, it's a common fault.


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I've recapped a few boards, fixes the problem. Not too difficult if you're out of warranty and are reasonable with a soldering iron.
If the problem is only with the PS4 it may be a handshake issue, i use a device called 'HDMI detective' by Gefen with my Denons which suffered from this with my HTPCs.. not had a dropout since i started to use them. Only downside is the price :( but its solved my issues and am happy.
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