Question Onkyo TX-SR507 shutting off - please help!

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by mentasm, Jul 17, 2018.

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    Hi all,

    As of Sunday my Onkyo TX-SR507 is emitting a loud hum from the front right speaker after a few minutes, then shutting itself off shortly thereafter (goes into protect mode). I've disconnected the speakers, so I don't think it's those at fault, so I've resigned myself to it being a problem with the amp itself.

    As it's now at least ten years old I'm not sure it's worth getting it repaired, but I'm familiar with its sound and functionality so I'm not totally against it. AV receiver prices appear to have spiked somewhat in the years since I bought it and they don't appear to have as much bang for the buck either, but if I have to replace it I will.

    This has come at a really bad time as I'm in the process of remortgaging and have just left my job, but literally all of my living room equipment goes through this amp so I need to fix or replace ASAP. Anyone have any ideas what the problem could possibly be and how easy/cheap a fix would be? Failing that, are there are recommendations for a similarly specified modern amp. Not worried about Atmos or flashy gimmicks, but it needs to have the following:
    • At least 4 HDMI in and 1 out (current one is only HDMI 1.3, so above that would be handy for 3D etc).
    • Coaxial in. I use it to feed the TV audio into the amp because I have to use two separate HDMI cables from my Panny BD player (one to the amp, one the the TV) to allow for 3D playback. I guess if the new amp is HDMI 2+ that won't be an issue anymore though?
    • Support decoding of Dolby Digital, TrueHD, DTS, DTS-HD and preferably have PLII decoding as I use that a lot for stereo sources.
    • Have Audyssey (or equivalent) room correction. Aalthough this doesn't appear to be on modern Onkyos so perhaps it's now outdated?
    • Not get as hot as a furnace (the Onkyo always did).
    • Decent sound quality and reasonably powerful (doesn't need to be mega powerful as the Onkyo was only 135w/channel at 6 Ohms driving one channel).
    • Cheap!
    Thanks in advance. I've been out of the AV game for years and wouldn't know where to begin now. The bloody PS4 HDMI went the other day as well. When it rains etc...
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    AVR's - have 'slimmed down' on the 'legacy' Connectivity front unless you go for higher end units. Entry level units will be predominantly HDMI (for video) with one or two Optical/Coaxial Digital Audio Inputs. Most now lack multi-channel analogue Input and outputs though will usually retain one or stereo analogue Inputs.

    Features - look for the Features you require (ARC, 4K UHD, HDCP 2.2...) and ignore any mention of HDMI Version number, it is poor marketing practice by hardware manufacturers to use HDMI Version numbers.

    Room correct - Audyssey is still very current, like Dolby and DTS there are multiple 'Audyssey' technologies so you have to be sure what you require/any AVR provides and not just look for the relevant 'badge'.

    Room correction - Audyssey, Dolby, DTS are all 'licensed' technology so add potentially big costs to a Brand, some have therefore developed their own 'in-house' Room Correction technology (Onkyo has developed AccuEQ). More here - Room Correction Revisited

    AVR Repair - always runs the chance of repetition or further failures.

    'The bloody PS4 HDMI went the other day as well' - are you having any electrical issues such as lightning?


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