Onkyo TX-SR506 component > HDMI ??


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Hi All,

Have just recieved my new SR506 and having not really done enough research, was a bit dissapointed with the "no audio over HDMI" catch. Having accepted that now, i have my Virgin+ box connected via HDMI and optical which is fine but now i need to connect my xbox360.
The xbox 360 only allows you to use the optical output along with the component video outs so having duly connected the video and optical cables for that as well, im impressed with the surround sound effects of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 - unfortunately i cant see anything!
Im trying to work out how to output the component in >> hdmi out but cant work it out. Is this because im trying to do the impossible and will have to connect the outputs with components as well or that im missing some setup option somewhere??

Thanks in advance


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When choosing a connection format, bear in mind that the AV receiver doesn't convert between formats, so only outputs of the same format as the input will output the signal.

This is from the manual. It doesn't do video conversion, so it won't do want you want. You have to connect a component cable from amp to the tv, alternatively just connect striaght to the tv, if you have enough component inputs, just send the optical to the amp.

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Not that it helps you at this point unless wherever you got it from will exchange it, but the SR576 will do the audio passthrough over HDMI, however for the component to HDMI conversion you need to go up to the SR606

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