Onkyo TX-SR 875 upgrade to what?


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I have just been thinking about a possible upgrade for the 875.
Its been pretty good really except for some reliability issues a while back which did kind of take the shine off:(
Anyway - I am also looking at a potential replacement TV which will doubtless be of a 3d nature. Favouring a panny VT50 for my old TH - 42XP70.
I digress tho sorry:)
Is there anything that might be a suitable replacement for the 875?
I still have 7.1 set up with kef eggs HTS2001 and a not enormous living room so I was thinking about the Onkyo 818. I like Onkyo due to their quality aside from my old issues:blush: but might might be persuaded otherwise.
Any views appreciated


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If I was looking at a new receiver, I'd be looking at the Anthem MRX300. Everyone that has it seems to love it and it's about the same price as the Onkyo.


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As you say the anthem has a stellar reputation but for me the stumbling block would be the shortage of inputs and outputs.
The Onkyo also has the new audyssey32 which can apparently keep up with the Anthem's EQ.

This would push me towards the 818 but then I like Onkyo's for their value.




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Ok thanks for that guys:)
Will do a bit of investigation regarding the Anthem.

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