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Jul 14, 2012
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i have an onkyo tx-sr508 av receiver with boston soundware xs 5.1 speakers which was recomended by richer sounds, i have had it a while and am generally pleased with it,except i cant seem to get a decent volume level for dialogue on programs and movies etc that have background music and effects which most do these days,the dialogue seems to get overpowered, its probably my lack of understanding of setting these systems, has anybody experienced a similar problem? if so any ideas how to improve this, thanks
its a common problem

sometimes it can be down to the mix, but more often than not there should be ways to improve it

i am not familiar with the 508, i have the 5008 myself

IF your onkyo has dynamic volume, then you could set that to light or medium, this way it evens out sounds to the same volume and should decrease the louder background noises more in line with vocals

you may have other settings, or equivalents, like a night mode, or a dynamic range adjustments, which you could test to see if any help with that

obviously, you could boost the center db level, so that it plays louder and thus more prominent than normal to aid in dialogue intelligibility

also speaker placement, if you can (as much as is feasible) try to ensure the center speaker is at ear height facing you centrally, if not able to to have the center that high, then you could angle it up a bit, if its on something, like a shelf or similar, move the center speaker forward of the shelf so it can overhang a inch or so, this helps reduce reflections

its somethins that plagues a lot of people, including myself, however, with the onkyo 5008 with its dymanic eq and dynamic volume, i have been able to improve it a lot over my previous AVR

hope that helps a little bit
Try adjusting the volume (dB) of the centre channel. If the receiver lacks auto setup (microphone) did you do it manually? Auto setup is not always 100% accurate.
I have the Onkyo TXNR609 and I configured it manually. Go into the speaker settings on the setup menu, then go to speaker calibration. You can adjust the levels of each individual speaker so you can turn the centre speaker up a few notches and it will become more audible.

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