onkyo tx sr 507 with onkyo sks-ht528

greg f g02

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you alright guys? i could never find a form for both the 507 +sks-ht528 together, however i have just got the onkyo 507 and the sks-ht528 speaker 5.1 spearker package and it great. alot of people said that it would sound to bright if used 2gether but i have found that if set up right then they sound quite good.

hope this help if your not sure how the 507 + 528 sound 2gether.

toshiba regza 1080p tv - t0shiba dvd- xbox 360- ipod classic 80gb- sky box- onkyo 507 - onkyo sks-ht528


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How much did it cost? Quite tempted to get them..did try to compare with 507 + jamo a102 but can't decide

greg f g02

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you alright bud hows tings. erm not to sure i think it came to 400 all together :) i got them from richersound in southampton but u can order online.

i have found that they sound great i havant had any problems with them at all.

i have turn my bass right up on the receiver and is great. i dont think they sound bright or ****.

i would by the package again if i had a budget of 400- 500:thumbsup:


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Been busy lately but good to hear that you like your set.
May go for it then.
Thanks mate, cheers.


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Hmm....this is the setup i was looking at in Richer Sounds.
However they tried to steer me toward the Tannoy SFX 5.1 for £40 more.
My original idea was to have the Sony STR-DH800, but RS seem to actively push Onkyo's far more than any other products. (albeit they tried to upsell me the Tannoys).
I decided after looking in the shop that i didn't like the Sub-woofer that comes with the SKS 5.1 kit. Gloss black doesn't as nice as i thought.

I think i'll be plumping for the Sony DH800 and the Tannoys eventually.

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